My "Healthy" List

One of the tools I found to be quite effective in the past during weight loss, was to make a list of all the things and feelings I experience when I am feeling "healthy" and to review it regularly- especially when I'm having an off/demotivate day. I made most of this list several years ago, but I'm adding onto it now with more current, pertinent information. If you decide to make one for yourself, remember that the key is to focus on the positive not the negative, so you should be stating was was good, not what you aren't. Example: I like how I feel when:_____ as opposed to I don't feel: ______. Make sense?

Enjoy :)

1. The burning sensation of my muscles when they've gone through a good workout.
2. The lightly full feeling after eating a healthy meal.
3. The crisp taste of a fresh, cool apple.
4. The smooth curves of my body when I'm toned and getting into shape.
5. The indents in the sides of my waist and the small of my back.
6. The feeling of trying on the next size down just "to see" how much more I might have to lose, and then finding out it fits-loosely!
7. The "almost gotta pee" feeling of a GOOD stretch.
8. The feeling of cool water as it rushes down through my body and into my stomach.
9. The incredible feeling of cool air when I've just been through a strenuous workout.
10. When you've been walking for months and you try a little jogging, then realize you can even run!
11. Sleeping so soundly because your body is really ready to rest after a good day of exercise and healthy food.
12. The day after the headache finally goes away in the beginning stages of a juice fast!
13. Feeling like you can do anything after achieving a really great goal!
14. The feeling that I am nourishing my body for a greater purpose and not losing that focus.
15. Being aware of even the smallest of breaths I take when I can barely catch my breath after working really hard.
16. Waking up in the morning excited to see the sun shining and ready to take on the day ahead.

17. Being swooped up during a hug!
Source: via Jamie on Pinterest
(p.s.- check back here periodically if you like as I will be adding to this list as new ideas pop up!)