Thursday, February 28, 2013

Starting again is always better than stopping forever

So... it's that time again. In 2 more days I will begin a long haul juice fast/detox/overall body, mind and soul cleanse. And I can't wait. My body has been fighting me lately... many signs that I am long overdue for a starting over, a refresher, a begin again. 

When I did my 28 day juice fast awhile back, I found that I had so many benefits: I had clarity of mind, my skin cleared up, I lost weight, I felt energized... buzzing with energy in fact! I loved how I felt during and afterwards. The biggest difficulties I found were that I was not prepared for any backup plans (my fast got cut short from a power outage.. and honestly.. I felt pretty ready to stop at that point) and also that I was not prepared for how to handle my mind and body during this time. 

So, this time I have been prepping for about a month now, and I can honestly say I am SO ready to go. Sunday it starts. And I'm going for a full 60 days. We will see at that time if I need to reevaluate my end date... I may just go ahead and go on longer up to 100 days. We will see. I'll be blogging AND vlogging like I did before. I'll lay out further details on here this weekend so you guys can know what to expect. Okey dokie, thats all for now!

xoxo ~ jamie