Saturday, May 12, 2012

bittersweet symphonies..

today i'm sad.
i found out yesterday that one of my most favoritest people of all time has left this planet and moved on into his next life's journey. it makes me even more sad that i missed him already and hadn't seen him for a few years. he was my high school and college pastor, he was the closest to a dad i ever knew, my biggest cheerleader and the only person i always trusted to never judge me no matter what. i feel like one of the luckiest girls ever to have known and loved him, and will forever wish i could squeeze him one more time. i love you, Bear! r.i.p. 5.10.12

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Things Come to Those Who Wait

Well folks,

I'm getting pretty excited about this next chapter. You see, I am notorious for beginning and sometimes even getting partially through things, but I rarely actually FINISH things. And so, I am establishing a trait in myself I have always wished I had...that of perseverance. And, in that same vein, I am now embarking on (yet again) a 60 Day Juice Fast. It will be beginning on Sunday, and I will be starting up my vlogs again as well... but those only 1-2x a week. I'm going to outline exactly what to expect from me shortly, but first, an UPDATE on my last blog post:

In reference to the planned ahead week of food:

Oh my gosh you guys, it was so nice not to have to cook all week! I felt like I had so much free time! I loved it! The best part for me was definitely the salads. They worked great! I made them all Sunday night and they lasted completely fresh and crisp until Thursday. Then they started to get a little wilty. Friday was the last day I ate them. But I lost 5 lbs in the week because I was eating so much better as a result! Here is how to make a mason jar salad:

Step 1: Prepare all the parts~ cook chicken, chop veggies and wash them, boil pasta and stick it in the fridge for it to cool down, make salad dressing if you are making it yourself.

Step 2: Assemble jars.

Step 3: Layer foods like so:
    (Layer 1 is the bottom... start there.)
                                             Layer 1: Tomatoes
                                             Layer 2: Bell Peppers
                                             Layer 3: Zucchini
                                             Layer 4: Pepperoncinis
                                             Layer 5: Dressing
                                             Layer 6: Carrots
                                             Layer 7: Pasta
                                             Layer 8: Chicken
                                             Layer 9: Lettuce, and other leafy things, like green onions...  the end.
Step 4: Close with lid and make sure to store upright.

My Tips:
 *****Do NOT add croutons or bacon bits to the jar! They will become soggy and gross. Trust me.
Shake up your salad right before you are going to eat it, and then dump the whole thing out on a plate. It's pretty hard to eat out of the jars... even with the wide mouth type.


Try it! They were really good...

xoxo~ j.