Monday, January 2, 2012

Today Was a Difficult Day, I Must Confess...

Today has been a difficult day, I must confess. Not in terms of feeling icky, but in terms of commitment. I think the hardest part of something like this is not giving up, not allowing yourself to feel like a whole day is a "wash" just because you screwed up and couldn't resist that piece of pizza sitting in the fridge calling your name cause you waited too long to eat and fill your body with nutritious juices then realized you needed to clean your juicer so you could make juice and then everything just seemed to blur together and next thing you know there is no more pizza in the fridge and you are feeling full...oh, sorry, that was a little ranty, wasn't it? Well, as it seems, today is on the downhill slope as was my ability to overcome temptation and not give in to that nasty binge problem that sits on my back all the time. But that is not to say I'm starting over. No, I think that is the necessary part - to not feel like you have "fallen off of a wagon", or a horse, or a chariot, or a house, whatever it is that you normally fall off of, but that you remain committed to getting back up off your tush and making a go at it again. It's the never stopping that gets you places. The starting over and over? Well, that's what's kept me here for so long. So, there it is. I told you guys I'd be open, honest and naked for you, and now you know. I suck. But only for a little bit and then I'm awesome again. That's just what I have to remember! So, here's to tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the days and staying awesome... Let's do this!