Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doing the Juice fast...so far, so good!!

Well, as you may already know if you saw my most recent video on youtube, you know that I decided to embark on the 60 day juice fast with many of you, as opposed to my original plan of only going 28 days this time. And I am happy to report, it's going great!! I am soo glad that I decided to do this now, after I had a chance to really get my thoughts and my motivation clear over what I was wanting to accomplish here! I have been taking a few different supplements as I go through this which are really helping me to sustain hunger, increase energy and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Here they are (not in any specific order):

Source: amazon.com via Jamie on Pinterest

Sources: amazon.com via Jamie on Pinterest

And go check out my video about all of this here: