Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 : My Epiphany =)

Hi everyone! Well, well...I have definitely grown today, it seems, as I have been pondering my plans over this period coming up! As you all know, we have the 48 Week Challenge... broken up into phases of 4 weeks. I originally thought I would break up my plans with different types of plans throughout each phase, but am rethinking that idea. I spent the last week off to a great start and then rapidly veering downhill at breakneck speed to where I suddenly found myself up against a wall and in dire need of a new plan since my current one is not working for me. Well, in actuality, it is working just fine, its me that isn't working! You see, when you are doing any type of detox or fast, you don't just change what you are doing so drastically and then BAM you are healthy. You have to struggle a bit as you go through it, so you must be ready to deal with that battle! Essentially, you have to be willing to fight your body and your mind to get through the tough spots! lst for me, well, my mind and body need to get on the same page...