Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a whole lotta stuff...

Gosh! It amazes me how insanely calorie laden restaurant food really is!! Tonight the hubs and I were babysitting my adorable 3 year old niece, Sophie, so we went on a trip to Red Robin (@ Chris= thanks for the yummies!). Well, knowing that I am about to embark on an, ahem, er... well... something amazing and great starting the 1st, I said, what the heck, I’ll eat without concern. (Not too far from what I do on a regular basis...but hey, I’m working my way back into it!) I ate: Whiskey River BBQ Burger, Side of French Fries, Side of Ranch dressing to dip my fries in, and drank 2 root beers. Seriously... this is not THAT odd of a meal! BUT, when I got home and decided to check out just what I really consumed, I felt like throwing up. No, really, I was really full. (For the record, I didn’t... but considered it...)! Here is the breakdown of my days’ worth of calories in one meal as described above: Calories: 2,206 Fat: 123 grams Sodium: 2,455 Carbohydrates: 218 Fiber: 8 grams Protein: 57 grams Folks, this is crazy!! No wonder I feel comatose after this crazy meal! I admit, I guessed it would be a lot, but I really thought closer to 1000... This is awful enough for one meal! Do you know what happens when you eat a meal? It has to go through all the digestive processes, which cause your body to have to halt any other kinds of proactive maneuvers so it can work on breaking down that enormous load you just swallowed. At that time, then you begin to start to feel sleepy, which then leads to you partaking in some type of stimulant (i.e. coffee) to help your mind stay awake during these hours. Personally, it’s been about an hour since my meal and I am still stuffed, and I suddenly can barely keep my eyes open as I type! It will be amazing if this comes out making sense! That’s all for tonight guys, but I’ll be on here tomorrow with a lot of great stuff... don’t forget to check it out!!! ~jamie