Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Great Big Announcement!

Ok!! Here we are! It's Thursday night!! I'm so excited to share this big announcement with you!! So, here it is: Beginning Sunday, January 1, 2012, I Will be embarking on a 48 WEEK journey! And I am inviting you to come along, too!! Yes, you!! All you have to do is follow what I am doing and make some changes yourself as well. What's in it for you besides getting healthy? Well, there will be prizes too! **The prizes will be announce on Sunday morning. For me, this will be broken up into 4 segments, of 12 weeks each. For each 12 week period, there will be three sections and I will be focusing on different parts of this whole thing for each section. The goal is to become the healthiest me I ever have been! This includes a lot of things, namely: perseverance and commitment! So, I am going to ask for you guys to let me know that you are following along, too! And when you do, you will be entered to win some cool stuff! Beginning Sunday, January 1st, I will begin a prize drawing which will ultimately draw a winner on the 1st day of the second phase. Then I will do subsequent drawings for each of the next three! How do you enter? Well, I'm going to narrow that all down for you guys on Sunday. So, check back here by then if you haven't already to find out! But, before I get started I have to get myself ready- cleaning my house, planning out the recipes, and what I will be doing over all this time. Once I have it all laid out, I'll post it online so you guys can see it too! For now, I am so happy to have each of you reading along! Watch my video and stay tuned for the details of how this will all work coming up on Saturday! Luv you guys!! Jamie Here' s the video!!!