Sunday, August 14, 2011

today is the day, folks!

sooo... i'm here for a lotta reasons, and i'll do my best to explain what i am doing and why...

about a week ago, i watched a movie called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" by Joe Cross. in this documentary, Joe makes his way through a 60 day juice fast and completely overhauls his health. the concept is that if your body can heal itself on the outside, why not give it the necessary means to heal itself on the inside. and how can your body heal itself if it's working so hard every day just to process our daily activities?

this really resonated with me.

you see, my body is not healthy. and that's a pretty important thing to keep running good, cause unlike a broken down car, you can't replace a broken down body! so, today is the first day of MY 60 day juice fast! i know, i know...there are probably many opinions you all have about this... and that's totally ok and expected. i'm sure it will be a major process, but i am confident that it will be soo worth it! 

for now, feel free to leave comments, words of wisdom or encouragement, etc! and make sure to follow me cause i'll be posting daily my experiences, and the things i learn along the way!