Tuesday, August 16, 2011

day 3! figuring it all out...

well, here we are, moving right along! i'm already 1/20th of the way through =)  well, i've been learning a lot lately about how to keep this as a life change, not just a fix-it and forget it method- (which never works, btw), so it's looking like the main key to all this is the micronutrient foods. so, after this 60 day juice fast, i won't be running off to get a carne asada burrito or anything like that... it's gonna be a diet largely consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and whatever else i find out! lol... but for now, this first week is going well. i'm happy to report that mr. headache has eased up (a little) and i'm feeling pretty good overall. i got some exercise in, and am about to hit the hay... so that's it for today... luv u guys! j.


Anonymous said...

you rock! Congrats on the 11lbs!! WooHoo!
As you know, I'm not 100% juicing but am incorporating it into my life. And there IS the time to prep, juice, clean up but also tweeking recipes to my taste. . . My green recipe today was way easier to drink then the one I made yesterday & since I'm trying to make that one my first drink/breakfast, I had to find something that would work!
Can't wait to see your juice demo! Super awesome idea!
AnnMarie ;o)..

jamie said...

Ann Marie- you are doing soo great! Keep it up!! I know you are going to be so glad you started this!! Jamie