Thursday, August 25, 2011

day 12!! Already?? That's crazy!

Hello lovely people!

I'm having such a fun time with this!! I hope that you are enjoying my videos... I have been slacking on getting the written posts cause this has been a little bit of a busy few days, but I PROMISE I will be picking back up this weekend... Saturday so keep a look out for a few changes:

1. I will be writing a blog each day (like a diary) and the video for the blog will be underneath that entry.

2. I will be catching up on the recipes page with all the most current new recipes. They will not be in day to day format any longer, however, because there are so many random combos now that I am making that I will just be posting the GOOD ones for you to try!

3. I will be including a page for my before pics and a brief little history of how I got to this point to be starting on all this.

4. I will also be adding a page for you guys who send me letters and comments for me to highlight them... with your permission of course (and posted anonomously) sort of a community inspiration page

5. I will be adding a page of how to's and tips with the videos I make to help you guys out!

I hope you know how fulfilling it is for me to hear all your kind words and thoughts and to be able to help you all in your quest to health, too- so don't stop! You can email me at

ttfn (ta-ta for now)-

PS- here's the video for day 12... it's a good one ;)


Anonymous said...

You look great tonight!!! I'm so excited for you! I started juicing tonight.. and played around with some flavors.. I came up with a twist on Gazpacho.. and added a couple cayenne peppers from my garden. OMG... yummy!
.. Cathy

jamie said...

Thank you!! OMG... you MUST share the recipe! I have tried working on a few things... but totally didn't think of using peppers!! I MISS spices sooo much! I'm soo going to buy some tomorrow! =) Thanks for the tip!

jamie said...

Oh!! And YAY for you starting! Keep me posted! =)